The Avengers Celebrate Their Victory [click for more!]

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My facebook cover photo. You’re welcome, everyone.

GPOY Every day of my life

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STOP suggesting #BlackPeopleMeet to me #Facebook!

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“This is like the fifteenth time my dad sent me a friend request. I’m just gonna hit accept.” 
“No, no, no, no, don’t do it, Robin. You don’t want to see what’s behind that door.”

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Taco on social media websites

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girl im crushing on put a status bout her boyfriend on facebook


she said she loves him…

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If Hogan was an Avenger he wouldn’t put any other avenger over. 

It’d be like this;

Loki: I have an army

Hogan: I have me….brother.

It’d be the Aven-Wo and every week someone would join their stable. Loki would even join them then get kicked out. Then join again. Then Spidermankind will win the WWE Championship and the Aven-Wo will become nonexistent.

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View from my Office: The Happy Birthday Hierarchy


First of all, I am obligated by social media etiquette to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and say that I am overwhelmed. So, Thanks! I’m overwhelmed!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to rank those that recognized my birthday in the following order:

1. Present buyers: These…

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Dinkleberg/Zuckerberg - New Facebook Changes

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